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We are on the mission to simplify the process of making AI models accessible, usable and developer friendly.


Inspire creators to build intelligent and great-looking products that solve the biggest world challenges so that all of us will feel safe, empowered, and fulfilled.


AI deployment and integration are hard, require deep tech knowledge, and is time-consuming. It is a big bottleneck in the whole AI ecosystem.

As we all know, AI is a major driving force behind most of the applications we see today. In order to implement that AI in those applications we need to go through the process, and this process starts with Data (gathering, preparation), goes through Model (building and training), and finishes with Deployment and Integration (with platforms, apps, websites).

The first two steps are not a problem anymore nowadays. The main problem is the last step - deployment, and Integration, making use of it, putting AI models in production.

> You need to have a special team or even a department to put ML models into production

> This process takes hours and sometimes even days or weeks

> and even though roughly 30% of models are never deployed due to no infrastructure.


Web Platform for AI model deployment & Integration

Syndicai's main focus is extract business value from trained AI models with simple and fast deployment and integration. Syndicai is some kind of hosting service with User Interface. No need to have a cloud account on GCP, Azure, or AWS. We are working only with AI models that are already trained and tuned so that can be used in production.

No middleman, no deep tech knowledge required. Just get a simple way from a model to actual use case, with drag & drop mechanism or sync with GitHub.